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Our MBA Admissions Consulting Difference

MBA Admissions Consulting

MBA school is an investment in your future that we take seriously. Our MBA admissions consulting services are comprehensive, giving you expert advice to help you submit the best MBA application package possible.


MBA Admissions Consulting Team


The MBAPrepAdvantage Admissions Consulting Team is led by Michael Cohan, a winner of the prestigious Dean's Fellowship at the UCLA Anderson School of Business awarded to prospective candidates with outstanding applications. Our team combines considerable functional, industry, and management experience with an MBA admissions officer's perspective to maximize your chance of admittance into your top business school.


MBA Admissions Director's Perspective


At MBAPrepAdvantage, we help you build your application package from the very criteria that MBA admissions committees will use to evaluate your candidacy:






Community Involvement








Leadership Ability


Managerial Potential




Quantitative Aptitude






Furthermore, we have extensive knowledge of each MBA program to help you optimize your essays for each school. For example, Stanford Graduate School of Business applicants wishing to emphasize community service should know that Stanford GSB raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity each year as part of an annual philanthropic business school competition called C4C (Challenge for Charity).


Immense Passion for Building Superior MBA Applications


Interacting with you and helping you tell your story is deeply rewarding for our team. This passion is shown in each consulting appointment, editing session, and mock interview. Additionally, we are trustworthy during an emotionally difficult process and have helped others in your situation attend their dream schools. These people are now our friends, testimonials, and referral base.


Click on MBA Admissions Consulting Services and Fees to learn more about how MBAPrepAdvantage can help you.

Top 10 MBA Application Tips



Always proofread. Do not even think about submitting an application until you have reviewed it thoroughly. Additionally, do not depend on your computer's spelling and grammar checker for proofreading.



Answer the question. Do not merely copy and paste your answers to similar essay topics from one application to another. You will be missing subtle differences between each question.



Stay within the parameters of the application. Do not exceed the word count or page limit for any part of your application.



Develop a schedule. You will present a far better application package if you write a little each day than if you are forced to compose everything at once.



Apply as early as possible. Despite the misconception about gaming the admissions process, you want to submit your completed application for review as soon as it is ready.



Write clearly and concisely. It is not overtly mentioned as a criterion, but admissions committees are weighing your ability to use business English to succinctly answer open-ended questions.



Update admissions committees appropriately. Properly inform admissions committees about new accomplishments to improve your probability of acceptance from waitlists. Our admissions consultants can advise you on how this is best handled.



Do not write in generalities. Use specific examples to support every claim you make. "I have been an effective brand manager at ABC and acquired significant marketing knowledge" is far less effective than "Over the last five years I have generated $100M+ revenue from my marketing campaigns and acquired functional knowledge in product promotion and brand management."



Do not make up accomplishments. Our consultants can help you tell your story in a compelling manner so that you are accepted to a top MBA school.


Submit the best application possible. This means rewriting the application multiple times and using an external editor to review your application. Trust us - THE ESSAYS MATTER!!!





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