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Your MBA interviews give admissions committees the opportunity to assess your career focus, communication skills, sociability, and gravitas and to determine whether you are who you say you are.


Many top business schools require MBA interviews from applicants they eventually admit.


Your MBAPrepAdvantage Interview Preparation prepares you for MBA interviews by an admissions officer, student or alumnus. We review your "elevator pitch" and examine your capacity to handle wide-ranging questions about your career goals, strengths/weaknesses, leadership skills, managerial potential, etc. We also give you oddball questions designed to test your composure and ability to think on your feet.


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MBA Admissions

Top 10 Real MBA Interview Questions

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Describe yourself. (Give your elevator pitch.)



Assess your strengths and weaknesses. (Use a skills-based weakness.)



Why do you want an MBA? (Present yourself as a focused candidate.)



Describe a time when you had a disagreement with another team member and how you resolved it. (Demonstrate that you function effectively on a team.)



Describe a situation in which you developed a unique solution to a business problem. (Illustrate your initiative and creativity.)



What aspect of your career has surprised you? (Show your ability to think on your feet.)



Recount a professional failure. (Show ownership and apply knowledge from this legitimate failure to a future success.)



Discuss your managerial style. (Demonstrate your managerial potential.)



What is your ideal work environment? (Dovetail your answer with your overall career goals.)


What do you do in your spare time? (Present yourself as a multidimensional candidate.)


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