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MBA Recommendation Letters

Your MBA recommendation letters are a crucial component of your application package because each letter provides a third person's perspective on who you are and how you compare with other members of your peer group.


A powerful MBA recommendation should corroborate your statements using unique examples.


Choose each MBA recommender carefully. Pick people who like you, know you well, and think you excel in your professional, personal, and/or community life. Avoid an MBA recommender with a fancy title (CEO, CFO, etc.) who cannot comment directly on your performance. Ideally, each person should have a different perspective on you. For example, you could choose a supervisor, client, and charity board member. Your MBA recommendations need to complement one another to form a complete picture of you as a multidimensional applicant.


Give each recommender a copy of your resume and if you feel comfortable, several key points to highlight in your letter. Remember to give each MBA recommender a different set of points.


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Top 10 Tips for MBA Recommenders

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Discuss for how long and in what capacity you have known the applicant.



Describe your qualifications to review the applicant.



Compare the applicant with other members of his or her peer group.



If applicable, describe the applicant's job description or community role.



List any important accomplishments.



Describe the applicant's leadership ability, managerial potential, and overall skills and provide examples to support each statement.



Describe the applicant's personal qualities, such as creativity, initiative, and teamwork, and provide examples to support each statement.



Illustrate how the applicant's influence exceeded his or her authority.



Address one weakness as a mild skills-based deficiency rather than a significant personality flaw.



Close with reasons why you think the applicant will benefit the MBA program.



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