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Your MBA resume provides admissions committees with a high-level way to rank your skills and abilities and it is often the only source of information for potential interviewers before meeting you. 


If you are applying to business school, you have already prepared a resume and know that it provides a concise overview of your employment history, academic background, and additional information.


MBAPrepAdvantage reviews your resume and improves it by assisting you in prioritizing content and identifying more active language. We begin with your employment history and ensure your career flows logically and forms the foundation of your goals. Our guidance also includes helping you quantify and rank your job accomplishments using a logical structure that results in a more polished and compelling MBA resume.


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MBA resume
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ACME Inc.              Springfield, IL   2010-2012

An enterprise software company that creates business skills and information technology elearning content.


Midwest Sales Director


Ranked #1 selling region out of eight territories


Managed 12 person sales team that generated $100M+ revenue for three consecutive years


Initiated strategic alliance with ABC Company that generated $200M+ revenue for both companies


•   Sold information technology, professional development, HIPAA (Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and custom content creation elearning training


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