Cambridge MBA Admissions Director Discusses MBA Interview Process

Cambridge MBA Admissions Director, Conrad Chua, shares his perspective on the rationale behind Cambridge's unique interview days. From The Cambridge MBA Admissions Blog: The Cambridge MBA interview day — why we do what we do We have just completed the last interview day for the MBA class of 2013. In the last two years, more than 300 people have attended one of the six interview days that we host every year. It is a big commitment from us and I thought it was timely to reflect on why we host interview days. Firstly, the term interview day is a misnomer because the programme actually starts the evening before with a dinner at one of the colleges. All interview day candidates and any partners are invited to attend. Current MBA students and my team will be there as … [Read more...]

Darden MBA Admissions Q&A: Interview Invitation Timeline and Interview Day Activities

From Darden Admissions & MBA Blog: Each Wednesday at 12:30 -1:00 p.m. (ET), Darden hosts a weekly online chat for prospective students. Here is the transcript from today’s chat: Question: Is there any update at this time on domestic Round 2 interview invitations? Answer: Invitations to interview go out in batches.  Some invitations have gone out now. We will continue to extended invitations and interview right up until the decision deadline. Question: Can you please share information on when interview invitations for candidates in India will be sent? Answer: I believe invitations will go out shortly to Indian candidates.  We do some of those interviews via Skype with Student Admissions Committee or Adcom members and others with alumni in India based on their … [Read more...]

Wharton MBA Round 2 Interview Update

Wharton invites began going out on January 29th and will continue up until February 22nd. From MBA Admissions Blog: Greetings All, Winter weather officially arrived in Philadelphia, surprising us with the first few inches of snow in the new year just last week. For the Admissions Team, this weather could not have come at a better time as we are hunkered down inside reading the Round 2 applications.  We are thoroughly enjoying getting to know each and every one of you through your personal written story. In the upcoming weeks, we look forward to the opportunity to meet many of you for interviews. Interview invitations will begin to go out on Tuesday, January 29 and continue through Friday, February 22. As a reminder, interview invitations are not released in any … [Read more...]

HBS MBA Round 2 Interview Update

All HBS interview invites have been now given out so if you have not been invited you have been released (their terminology). From HBS Interview Blog: Greetings from snowy Boston. Here's what is going to happen tomorrow. At (hopefully) noon, Boston time, we will send out the first wave of invitations to interview in Round 2. You'll get an email from HBS MBA Admissions, which will give detailed instructions on the sign-up process. As stated before, we'll be interviewing on campus and in the following hub locations: London, Paris, Shanghai, Dubai, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Palo Alto and NYC. Heads up to 2+2 candidates: All interview invitations to this group will be sent in the second wave on February 6 (Note: I posted earlier that this would be February 7 – we've moved … [Read more...]

HBS MBA Round 2 Interview Information

From HBS MBA Program Blog: Round 2 Interview Invitations - A Little More Information Well, I dealt with the aftermath of the transparency about interview invitation numbers in Round 1 today. Someone called and asked directly why we couldn't send out all the invitations on one day. Good question. Here's the answer: We could..but it would be February 13, not January 31. Maybe that would be better...a later date, but just one date. The way we've structured it now - 3 waves - is to accommodate the reality of a (human) Admissions Board trying to give thoughtful attention to a lot of applications. And each application needs to be reviewed twice. So we have to have a little bit of flex in terms of the notification dates. The senior team in Dillon does (a lot of) other … [Read more...]