MBA Admissions Consulting Services

MBA Admissions Consulting Services and Fees

The Return on Investment (ROI) from our services pays for the cost. Our clients easily recoup their MBAPrepAdvantage expenditures by earning a greater number of fellowships and higher post-MBA salaries.

MBA Admissions Consulting Services

MBAPrepAdvantage provides the following MBA admissions consulting services in all-inclusive school packages or on a $250 hourly consulting basis:

MBA Admissions Consulting School Packages

MBAPrepAdvantage Admissions Consulting Process

MBA Admissions Consulting Process

1 Included for applicants who are planning to apply in subsequent admissions cycles.
2 Included for applicants who have previously applied to schools included in the package.

Planning Phase

Our MBA admissions consulting school packages begin with a two- to three-hour comprehensive initial MBA Application Consultation. This first session establishes the foundation for preparing powerful MBA applications by enabling you to understand the MBA admissions criteria and allowing your consultant to become a subject matter expert on your professional, academic, and personal history. We help you research MBA programs, determine a list of reach, fit, and safety schools, and create an MBA application schedule. This consultation also includes working with you to develop strategies that emphasize strengths and mitigate weaknesses, position your career plan as clear, logical and focused, and construct MBA essay outlines that best convey your unique skills, experiences, goals and values. We also assist you in selecting recommenders that optimize your candidacy.

For applicants who start early before the admissions cycle, MBAPrepAdvantage includes an MBA Early Application Planning session as part of its MBA admissions consulting school packages. This session not only guides you on researching different degrees, programs and schools (similar to the MBA Application Consultation), but also on reaching out to students, alumni, faculty, administrators and even program directors of research centers when appropriate. With more time, you can elevate your academic profile, professional competitiveness and community citizenship by closing "resume" gaps, pursuing new leadership opportunities, advancing in your career, taking academic classes, raising standardized test scores and more.

For applicants who are reapplying, MBAPrepAdvantage includes an MBA Ding Analysis as part of its MBA admissions consulting school packages. The MBA Ding Analysis entails reviewing your prior application package to spot red flags, yellow flags, missed opportunities, poor choices, inadequate execution and insufficient school and program fit. Red flags are statements that alone could have torpedoed your application while yellow flags could have raised concerns. MBAPrepAdvantage also looks for areas of improvement along with how to respond this year while still showing some consistency with your prior application.

Executing Phase

Executing is an iterative and tailored process that optimizes your personal branding and candidacy for each admission committee's distinct evaluation criteria.

MBA Resume, Essay and Application Editing include oral reviews, extensive comments, and line-by-line edits. Resume Editing utilizes the STAR Method to differentiate you from your peer group. MBAPrepAdvantage assists you in best capturing, prioritizing and quantifying your achievements as well as in implementing a formatting structure to enhance readability. Essay Editing encompasses both top-down and bottom-up analyses of language and content. MBAPrepAdvantage ensures you answer the questions while telling cohesive stories that best communicate your experiences, values and skills. Application Editing entails reviewing employment history, extracurricular activities, community service, awards, publications, etc. so your application package complements the rest of your application materials.

For applicants who are reapplying, MBAPrepAdvantage includes MBA Reapplication Assistance as part of its MBA admissions consulting school packages. We provide honest insight into your admissions chances that factor your previous application quality, profile competitiveness and improvement as well as your target school's receptiveness to reapplicants and the difficulty of its reapplication process. MBAPrepAdvantage also strengthens both your MBA reapplication strategy and actual reapplication. We guide you on better engaging the school, applying earlier and diversifying your admissions chances. We also help you elevate your essays, resume and application by advising you on how to incorporate the improved aspects of your candidacy, address previously missed opportunities, show greater school fit and career focus.

Closing Phase

Congratulations! You have received interview invites. By purchasing a comprehensive MBA Admissions Consulting School Package, you are already more prepared for your interview(s) because you have introspected about every aspect of your candidacy.

Closing entails converting these interview invites into acceptance emails, phone calls and admittance packages. All MBA Admissions Consulting Packages include MBA Interview Preparation and MBA Waitlist Response. We will conduct a mock interview for every school interview format and a waitlist response campaign for every school at which your status is waitlisted.

MBA Interview Preparation prepares you for every interview format (e.g. MIT Sloan's behavioral MBA interview, Wharton's team-based MBA interview, HBS' non-blind interview, the standard non-blind interviews, etc.) and every type of interviewer (e.g. admissions officer, student or alumnus). We work on elevating both the content of your answers and your delivery. By having purchased a comprehensive MBA Admissions Consulting School Package, you are already more prepared for your interview(s) because you have introspected about every aspect of your candidacy. Now, we help you deliver this content in a concise and powerful manner. MBAPrepAdvantage also aids in improving your delivery (e.g. signposting, verbal utterances, body language, proxemics, etc.).

Sometimes a school gives you a response of "Waitlist" or "Reconsider Later". Our included MBA Waitlist Response helps convert these statuses to "Admit". We help you craft an optimal waitlist campaign tailored to each school's waitlist policy. This waitlist campaign is designed to create positive name recognition and often includes phone calls, letters and supplemental recommendation letters that discuss new promotions, projects, GMAT scores, and classes.