MBA Application Consultation

MBA Application Consultation

The MBA Application Consultation is similar to the planning phase in traditional project management. The MBA Application Consultation will help you determine your target schools and programs as well as develop optimal admissions strategies for creating powerful MBA applications tailored to these programs and schools. By completing the approximate 2-hour session, you will have an advantage over other applicants because you are constructing your MBA application package from the very criteria that MBA Admissions Committees will use to evaluate your candidacy.

Target Graduate Business Degree Programs and Schools

You will understand which program types are most suitable for you and which business schools best optimize your admissions chances. So, you will narrow your scope among competing business school options and programs. These include Full-Time MBA (including joint degree, accelerated and Future Leaders Programs options), Part-Time MBA and Executive MBA Programs (both traditional and global) along with business-related Masters Degrees, such as Masters in Management (MiM), Masters in Finance (MiF), Masters in Financial Engineering (MFE), etc.

You might also learn of new options that you had not previously considered. If so, we will then delve into how to research different programs and schools and which selection criteria to apply in winnowing down these choices into stretch, fit and reach schools.

Strategize Your Application, Essays, Recommendations and Resume

You might be an applicant who already knows your target programs and schools and just wishes to maximize your probability of acceptance. The Design phase of the MBA Application Consultation is just for you. You will create customized MBA admissions strategies for approaching the various parts of each application, especially the MBA essays, recommendation letters and resume. We teach you the criteria used for evaluating your applications and help you identify which aspects of your professional, academic, community and personal background are most attractive to MBA admissions committees. You will also develop a strong career plan and essay outlines as well as create an overall MBA application schedule.

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