MBA Recommendation Letter

MBA Recommendation Letter Strategy

Each MBA recommendation letter is a crucial component of your overall application package because each MBA recommendation letter provides a third person’s perspective on who you are and how you compare with other members of your peer group. Your recommender’s third person perspective is also used to confirm that what you have said elsewhere in the application is true as well as to provide insight that is different from your own.

A powerful MBA recommendation letter corroborates your statements made in the first person with compelling unique examples. Who you select is as important as what that person says.

MBA Recommendation Selection and Guidance

MBAPrepAdvantage will help in the selection process because each MBA recommendation letter must carefully complement the other MBA recommendations and the rest of the application package – thus forming a complete picture of you as a multidimensional applicant. Pick people who like you, believe in you, know you well, and think you have excelled in your professional, personal, and/or community life. Avoid a recommender with a fancy title (CEO, CFO, etc.) who cannot comment directly on your performance. Ideally, each person should have a distinct perspective on you. Derrick Bolton, Assistant Dean for MBA Admissions of Stanford Graduate School of Business, wrote an excellent post on the Stanford GSB “From the Dean of Admissions” blog about how to select an MBA recommender at

  • Which potential recommenders have sufficient exposure to you and a stake in the quality of your work to comment meaningfully on you in accordance with a variety of dimensions, such as your leadership potential, teamwork ability, impact, global mindset, etc.?
  • How should you handle when you cannot select a direct supervisor due to special circumstances? For example, you could choose a supervisor, client or charity board member.
  • How can you ethically prepare your recommenders? We recommend for you to give each recommender a copy of your resume and if you feel comfortable, several key points to highlight in your letter. Remember to give each MBA recommender a different set of points.

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