MBA Resume Editing

MBA Resume Editing

Your MBA resume provides admissions committees with a high-level way to rank your skills and abilities. This MBA resume is often the only source of information for potential interviewers before meeting you.

If you are applying to business school, you have already prepared a resume. You know that the resume provides a concise overview of your employment history, academic background, and additional information. What you might not know is that your goal is for the reader to assess your gravitas at the highest level within mere seconds of reading and continue to have this impression upon delving into your content.

MBAPrepAdvantage shares this same goal. We want you to stand out from the other applicants in your peer group. In reviewing and suggesting improvements for your MBA resume, MBAPrepAdvantage will assist you in elevating and prioritizing your content, identifying more active language and using a logical and compelling structure. We holistically evaluate your MBA resume for both content and structure. We begin with your employment history and ensure your career flows logically and forms the foundation of your goals. Our guidance also includes helping you quantify and rank your job accomplishments using a logical structure that results in a more polished and compelling MBA resume. We also look for all the elements of readability to ensure your message gets through to a reader who might only be skimming your MBA resume with a small modicum of interest.

Our blog post Creating a Powerful MBA Resume discusses the components of a powerful MBA resume in greater detail. Another blog post MBA Admissions Criteria offers insight into the different areas you should be emphasizing throughout your resume, such as a global mindset, leadership acumen, teamwork capabilities, community impact and promotions — all dimensions attractive to every MBA admissions committee.

MBA Resume Content

  • Have you chosen section and sub-section headers that best capture your candidacy based upon the MBA Evaluation Criteria used by admissions committees?
    • If you have significant non-profit experience, you could have a “Community Impact” section to show engaged citizenship.
    • If you have written in several publications, then you could use a “Publications” section to demonstrate thought leadership.
  • Is the best content listed first to capturethe attention of the reader?
    • “Producing $200 million in new business” would be prioritized ahead of “Creating a report that …”
  • Are your responsibilities and accomplishments on your MBA resume advanced for your position or role (and hence advanced in comparison to your peer group)?
  • Do you quantify your accomplishments with numbers and percentages?
    • Improved sales by $4 million.
    • Decreased inventory turnover by 10%.
  • Do you use the STAR Method (Situation – Task – Action – Result) throughout your MBA resume to ensure that the reader understands how specifically you in your role produced each accomplishment given the context?
  • Have you used strong action words, especially for verbs?
    • Lead, Direct, Spearhead …
  • Do you avoid repetitive, immaterial, inefficient and technical language that might confuse or even bore the reader — sometimes called KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)?
    • The true art and science is explaining difficult concepts like algorithmic trading in a comprehensible manner.

MBA Resume Structure

  • Do you have a logical formatting structure as not to distract the reader?
  • Do you keep bullets and/or sub-bullets to the minimum number of lines possible (preferably one)?
  • Do you use parallel structures throughout your MBA resume for similar items, such as job roles, dates and company names?
  • Do you maximize whitespace by using minimal line separation between items, such as sections, sub-sections and bullets?

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