MBA Admissions Consulting Difference

MBA Admissions Consulting Difference

Our Results

More than 95% of MBAPrepAdvantage clients have been accepted into one of their top MBA schools since our company’s inception in 2004.

Many of our clients experience this success with MBAPrepAdvantage after having previously worked with or received guidance from other MBA admissions consulting companies. One such company told a candidate with a 2.2 cumulative GPA and 640 GMAT not to bother applying to top business schools. After working with MBAPrepAdvantage, she gained admittance into a Top 5 program. This past year another applicant, who had been previously advised to apply outside the top 10, instead received a fellowship from Columbia Business School after choosing to work with MBAPrepAdvantage.

Stories like these are commonplace, and not exceptions. The resounding feedback MBAPrepAdvantage has received is that our MBA admissions consulting company provides the following competitive advantages:

  • Superior Application Guidance
  • Finer Essay Editing Services
  • Better Scheduling Flexibility
  • Greater Personalized Attention

Our Expertise

You will work with Michael Cohan, MBAPrepAdvantage’s founder, who since 2004 has helped hundreds of clients like you gain admittance to every top business school worldwide. Michael combines an extraordinary ability to understand what truly makes his clients unique with keen insight into each business school.

  • Featured in many leading domestic and international business publications
  • Board Member of the industry’s leading professional association
  • Insider knowledge about the world’s leading business schools and MBA programs
    • Maintains relationships with many admissions officers
    • Attends AIGAC and School-Hosted Conferences
    • Visits almost all Top 20 programs throughout the world across three continents
    • Participates in admissions-related discussions
    • Moderates panels (e.g. MBA Entrepreneurship Panel)

Our Testimonials

On admissions411, a 3rd party website for independent MBA admissions consultant reviews, MBAPrepAdvantage leads all other MBA admissions consulting companies with the highest percentage of admits/times used and with the highest average ratings. Click on MBA Admissions Consulting Testimonials to read MBA admissions consulting reviews of MBAPrepAdvantage by our former clients.

Our Promise

We will work with you on an individualized basis and help you articulate your story in an extremely compelling manner designed to convince an MBA admissions committee to accept you into its program.

MBA school is an investment in your future that we take seriously. Our MBA admissions consulting services are comprehensive, giving you expert advice to help you submit the best MBA application package possible.

Our Passion

Interacting with you and helping you tell your story is deeply rewarding for our team. We show this passion for building superior MBA applications in every consulting appointment, editing session, and mock interview. Additionally, we are trustworthy during an emotionally difficult process and have helped others in your situation attend their dream schools. These people are now our friends, testimonials, and referral base.

So, visit our Business School Admissions Consulting Services and Fees webpage to discover how MBAPrepAdvantage can partner with you on advancing in your goals and realizing your dreams.